There’s People in the Field

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It’s that time of year when people are drawn out into the field again to see whats going on.

Jess & Helen ran a family session today & had 11 adults, 11 kids. They built pathways, weeded doc’s, played games, socialised…..

Every Thursday we have volunteers, both members & non members who come to harvest, sow, weed, chat, drink tea…..

Various youth groups, colleges, garden groups & schools come here for training or for a visit.

For 7 months of the year we have 2 trainees who get involved in all aspects of our work, learning the ropes, getting to know the regular volunteers, getting to know the lie of the land & plotting their way forwards following their time here.

Myself & Lizzie have the pleasure to meet, work & talk with so many different people who pass through. Some become regulars, some vanish to who knows where, but they all take something of the land here with them & they all leave an impression which shapes how we work.

In the 4 years we have been growing, its possible that more people have set foot on this field than have done in the last few hundred years.

Thankyou to all our volunteers, visitors, trainees, kids…..Long may you all come & go, enjoy the field & build a connection to this lovely place.

A Seedy Day out in Newport

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Three members of Cae Tan were lucky to attend a Commercial Seed Saving Training with the Real Seed Catalogue this week at their HQ in Pembrokeshire.

Funded & organised by the Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty UK programme. Their mission is to boost small scale sustainable UK seed growers numbers & skills.

During the day we learned about the practicalities & economics of saving seed for commercial sale. Cae Tan will now endeavour to grow a range of seed for ourselves this season, plus a couple of varieties for the Real Seed catalogue.

We will use this season to improve our skills with ongoing support from the newly formed Wales Seed Co-op, Gaia Foundation & Real Seeds. We will be exploring potential markets, including the possibility of gaining biodynamic certification, so that we could sell to the Seed Co-op UK.

We also hope to get Kate from Real Seeds down at some point this year to talk about seed saving, as we are aware this is a subject many people are interested in.