Our education officer runs the sustainable schools programme & a number of other community outreach projects.
The schools programme engages pupils in a year-round, hands-on experience of sustainable food growing. This involves a mixture of school & field-based learning.



Seed to plate pizza project & winter soup

We show pupils how to grow wheat, tomatoes, onions, flowers and herbs. They winnow & grind the wheat to flour, then have a celebration day where they bake pizza’s for the whole school in a wood fired oven! We run this project with a year group at a time between March & October. We also offer opportunities for the wider school community to get involved.

From October through to March, the season is completed with our winter soup project. Pupils harvest & process produce to make a delicious soup for them & their families.

Community growing projects

We work with a range of local community groups to offer both toddler sessions & a ‘Grow from Home’ project, which supports families to learn the basics of growing their own food at home.

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