Rural Development Programme supporting Cae Tan

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A big thankyou to The City & County of Swansea Rural Development Programme (RDP) who are supporting a number of social & educational elements of our work between now & 2020!

The RDP is a European initiative to support business, farmers, countryside & the rural community.

We are working with Swansea City Council to help deliver the following activities;

  • Engaging local schools in our pizza project
  • Running volunteer days for both members & non-members
  • Making a short film to outline how the project functions through the 4 seasons
  • Making a series of very brief ‘how to grow / cook seasonally’ film shorts
  • Supporting other groups across Wales to develop similar initiatives
  • Funding a trainee placement for 7 months each year

Thankyou to the team at RDP Swansea…..

A Truly Sustainable Enterprise





Cae Tan was set up with the help of some grant funding to support the social elements of what we do. Our dependence on grant funding has been reducing dramatically in recent years. We are now supplying around 110 households and income from veg shares generates just over £4k per month. We believe we have almost reached a level of membership where Cae Tan is now financially sustainable without reliance on grant income. In other words income from veg shares is sufficient to pay growers a fair wage and cover other farming costs and overheads. In setting up Cae Tan the aim was always to establish a business model that will ensure long term security for growers and members. These graphs show how our income has grown, and the percentage of grant income reduced, and how direct expenses have grown in line with increased production.

The Gleaners


The Gleaners / Des Glaneuses

Cae Tan’s ‘Gleaners’ are as stylish as the French gleaners of 1857. We presume the French gleaners were allowed to follow the main harvest & collect left over crops for their families.

Cae Tan’s gleaners are collecting & trimming down split & damaged crops from our fields to take to Matts Cafe in Swansea.

Matts Cafe use waste & donated food to make quality meals on a pay as you feel basis. This makes meals affordable to all. Everyone is welcome.

All of our uncollected veg shares get dropped there on a weekly basis too! So nothing goes to waste!

Merci a nos Glaneuses de Cae Tan.