8th January 2018 Tom O'Kane

The Gleaners


The Gleaners / Des Glaneuses

Cae Tan’s ‘Gleaners’ are as stylish as the French gleaners of 1857. We presume the French gleaners were allowed to follow the main harvest & collect left over crops for their families.

Cae Tan’s gleaners are collecting & trimming down split & damaged crops from our fields to take to Matts Cafe in Swansea. http://matthewshouse.org.uk/matts-cafe/

Matts Cafe use waste & donated food to make quality meals on a pay as you feel basis. This makes meals affordable to all. Everyone is welcome.

All of our uncollected veg shares get dropped there on a weekly basis too! So nothing goes to waste!

Merci a nos Glaneuses de Cae Tan.