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GRAFT – a soil based syllabus

Based at the Maritime Museum in the heart of Swansea. This is a community garden, arts & educational project led by artist Owen Griffiths in partnership with The National Waterfront Museum, NTH/NYA & Cae Tan CSA.

The basic idea is to develop an educational & social resource which can inspire visiting groups & volunteers to grow their own food. Currently we are working with a local primary school and a number of community groups.

The raised beds have just been completed. Tom & Geoff have designed a cropping plan which Geoff has sketched out above. This will incorporate a range of edible herbs, flowers & vegetables.

A pergola is being erected on which we will be growing squash, beans & flowers.

The garden is part of a wider called ‘Now The Hero’. This will culminate in September with a celebration in Swansea. At the event 500 people per night will be fed for 5 consecutive nights with squash and other produce grown at Cae Tan & Graft.

We hope that in the long term, this can become a training base for Cae Tan working with town based schools & community groups.

Contacts for the project as follow;

Twitter is @_OwenGriffiths_

Instagram is _owengriffiths

Facebook is @OwenGriffiths

Project Facebook @graft.a.soil.based.syllabus

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Waterfront Musesum 


Cae Tân

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Furzehill kicks into full action!

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Following one of the latest wettest, coldest springs anyone can remember we finally got onto the fields at Furzehill.

Cae Tan’s main plot was ploughed by a contractor & then we have done further cultivation.

Myself & Francesca spent an hour one evening digging to find the water pipe unsuccessfully. We came back the following morning with extra troops (Lizzy, Abbi & Isabel) to dig over the area we were told we’d find the pipe.

A few local farmers saw myself & 4 young women digging by the gate & all stopped to find out what was going on & offer their opinions.

One of these was Cyril. He was my neighbour as a kid, a local farmer & Welsh cob breeder. Like most local farmers he always thought I was a bit of a weirdo being into that organic lark.

However, seeing me leaning on the gate whilst 4 young women dug out a water pipe I think he may have been converted to organic! In his eyes I’d say he definitely thinks I have totally arrived!

Francesca & her dad got stuck into bed preparation & have got lots of salads planted out, onions are going in today, hopefully spuds tomorrow….better late than never.

Food for Thought

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A few weeks back we hosted an event in partnership with Swansea Food Assembly & The Square Peg Cafe. This involved showing the film ‘In Our Hands’ made by the Landworkers Alliance. Square Peg provided delicious food using our veg & Gower Meadow Beef. The evening was a great success, good fun & inspired lots of discussion.

On the back of this we decided to invite organic farmer & activist Gerald Miles to come & give a talk. Then when our new trainee Abbi said that her & her partner Rhys wanted to cook a veggie feast for our members we decided to combine the two.

So last Friday forty people came & feasted on an amazing three course sit down dinner. 70% were members & as the event was open to non members also.

The dinner was followed by an inspiring & entertaining talk from Gerald sketching out his journey from conventional Pembrokeshire farmer, to organic farmer, to CSA pioneer & international GM activist!!

We will be hosting more Food For Thought events throughout the year. Keep an eye on our facebook account.