22nd January 2021 Tom O'Kane

Paid Trainee positions for 2021!


So we have 2 paid trainee posts available with Cae Tan CSA, plus 1 with Cae Tan Salads & 1 with Big Meadow CSA!

To get an interview you need to be in receipt of universal credit & between the ages of 16 & 24.

Applications are made via your job coach at the job centre plus. They will then refer you to us for an interview.

Please ask your job centre to tell you when these positions become available. They do not tell us, but I’m assuming the posts will be advertised in the coming weeks.

Please check back on this space. If I get any more information I will post it here.

All posts are live. If you want to find them ask your job coach to search in the postcode area SA27LQ. Or call Pamela Jones at kickstart to get her to set you up with Cae Tan positions 07950976475.

Please let me know if you do apply as the process seems a bit random & you may get lost somewhere in the world of the job centre. tom@caetancsa.org

Thanks, Tom