23rd February 2022 Tom O'Kane

Thankyou Ruth!

We want to send out a bit of love & appreciation for an essential part of the Cae Tan team. Ruth Evan’s does so much to make Cae Tan thrive, but she’s not often in the limelight, so people probably don’t know how important she is to us!

Ruth joined us as a director in the early days, initially to manage our finances, then taking on fund raising & membership. As time has gone by Ruth has just been an amazing support in every aspect of our work. The finances are just an element of what Ruth manages. As Cae Tan has grown I couldn’t possibly have held the weight & responsibility of all the emerging people & activities we have become involved with. I think all organisations require knowledgeable & wise individuals to help them grow & develop in a healthy way & I think we are really lucky to have Ruth. She has such a grounded & secure presence, which is reflected in all the newly emerging local CSA’s who will no doubt also thrive from her support! “Tom”

It is hard to put into words how much Ruth has supported me since I came to Cae Tan.  Ruth helped me to set up the salad project and then carried on supporting me over the past 4 years. Ruth has helped with all the financial sides to the business, patiently explaining it all to me, ensuring that it runs smoothly and organised and finding funding for me when needed. Ruth always has time for me and is always there at the end of the phone if needed. Ruth has really encouraged and supported me in whichever way I wanted to take the salad project and is currently helping me to set up a new business.  Thank you so much Ruth for all your kindness, support, encouragement, and patience! “Francesca”

Ruth has played an essential role in helping set up and keep Big Meadow CSA running, I would have definitely struggled a lot without her! She has provided me with support not just with our finances and funding bids, but a willingness to be available to answer questions, give advice and support us when we need it. Her good humour, positivity and easy manner bring light to the big daunting tasks and I am very grateful to be able to work with her. “Abbi”

Ruth is an integral part of our education programme. As a fully funded project it relies on successful bids , detailed budget mapping and financial accountability to each of our six individual funders.  Alongside this Ruth’s extensive environmental project experience and calming demeanour means she is the perfect person to call in a crisis.   We are very lucky to have her on the Cae Tan team. “Jessie”

I appreciate the support everyone has offered me but I’d probably be a bag of nerves without Ruth. Not sure how to articulate it but she has a very calm and collected presence that along with her wealth of experience, which helps to assure me that this whole project is fully doable! A really patient person who has been more than happy to help me navigate the process of setting up a CSA from scratch! “Rob”