11th January 2019 Tom O'Kane

Is CSA good value?


Throughout the growing period of June 2017 to May 2018 Lizzy conducted price comparisons for our veg shares. We worked out the average prices from 21 boxes during this period. Our veg turns out to be very competitive with other organic options. Also this was done last year. We think the quantites and quality have been even better this season. Here are the results…

Cae Tan Major Supermarket Organic Major Supermarket Non Organic Organic box scheme (minus delivery fee) Soil Association Farm Shop
Large Box £12.50 £14.17 £8.77 £15.64 £15.17
Small Box £7.50 £7.67 £4.42 £7.45 £7.49

Theres a few interesting points;

  • Even in not such a good growing year CSA is really good economic value
  • Compared to non organic its more expensive, but there are many hidden social & environmental impacts with non organic
  • The small share is more expensive comparatively; due to the fact that it takes less than half the time to pick, pack & administer than the large share which has twice as much veg
  • With CSA there are a whole host of hidden benefits that are not accounted for in monetary comparisons……

When we don’t just consider the fact that this is good value for money, but its also good value for all sorts of other reasons..

  • The growers are properly paid
  • The food is freshly picked from biologically rich chemical free soil, meaning they’re much higher in nutritional content & taste
  • The environment around the fields, both within & alongside cropping is biologically diverse & healthy
  • Reduced imports of produce
  • Inspiring & training new growers & farmers that this is possible & fun
  • Creating social & volunteering opportunities for people of all ages & backgrounds
  • Re circulating money in the local economy
  • Taking control of our local food systems as a community

Surely CSA is the way forward as a key player in the matrix that will make our land & communities full of health & vitality.